About Toucan Environmental

Toucan Environmental Limited is a small recycling company based in Bristol.

We specialise in the positive re-direction of plastic packaging that would otherwise have been shredded or sent to landfill.

We work closely with a number of end users, although many of our customers are farmers or gardeners who wish to conserve water, or manufacturers of Bio Diesel who use the tanks for the storage of both the fuel and by-products.

On this basis, we consider ourselves to be offering a very environmentally friendly service, firstly by saving packaging that would otherwise have been scrapped and secondly by using it to promote environmentally positive schemes.

Although small, we generally supply well in excess of 400 IBCs per month. We also sell as a similar number of barrels and drums. We happily supply to both industrial and domestic users, and can offer advice for a number of end use applications. Please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have regarding our products and services.