Toucan News

Date added: 01/05/2009 New developments at Toucan

Major New Developments in the Yard:

Following some serious landscaping and moving around, Toucan now enjoys a much larger yard area.

Date added: 01/05/2009 Here comes the summer

Here comes the summer!

Well, in spite of recession Toucan has seen record sales over the past 3 months (Feb - April). In this period we have sold in excess of 1000 IBC's, with the black tanks being a very popular choice.

The met office have suggested that this summer stands a very good chance of being a "BBQ Summer" meaning alot of sunshine and not too much rain, and with the possibility of nationwide water metering, buying a recycled IBC for recycling rain water is a very wise move.

Having spent the last 2 summers working out in the rain, I for one am totally looking forward to a few 30oC + days.

Have a good spring and summer - hope to help you with your water saving schemes!

Date added: 14/10/2008 New products added

New Products - Toucan is pleased to announce the arrival of the new Opaqe White IBC's. These tanks offer the same hide and protect qualities of our popular black IBC's, but offer what some may say is a more appealing appearance.