Toucan Environmental

Founded in 2007, by an industrial chemist looking to free himself of the confines of laboratory life, Toucan Environmental has grown into one of the UK's largest and most trusted reconditioners of ex-industrial IBC tanks and drums.

Toucan Environmental also offers brand new packaging and a collect/re-deliver laundry services for those customers looking to re-use their tanks and drums.

No job too big - no job too small!

We supply tanks and drums to a diverse range of end users across the UK.

Be it bowsers for rainwater harvesting, to fuel stores, hot tubs, log cages, ballast for scaffolding and stages, aquaponic and large irrigation systems, chemical and raw material storage, all of our stock is supplied clean, leak tested, security sealed and with a 'Point of Pass' QC label.

We can deliver IBC's from as little as one unit up to 52 using our own fleet of lorries and vans.

An enviromentally friendly service...

We have a 'Zero Landfill' policy meaning that every item entering our yard is recycled.

Be it laundered for re-use, granulated for re-forming or smelted for a second life, Toucan Environmental makes use of each constituent part to ensure our planet is treated with the respect it deserves.

A big fish!!!

From humble beginnings on a lovely farm with just the owner busying himself with all aspects of the business, we now employ a large workforce, supplying up to 3000 IBC's per month, plus hundreds of drums, and a collect/re-deliver laundry service for large users.

Friendly and helpful, with a work ethic based on quality packaging, speedy delivery and competitive prices, we are always looking for new suppliers and customers.

Feel free to give us a call today!

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