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We are open to the general public for collections from 9am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

If you plan to collect, please call prior to visiting in order for us to prepare your order. We are not open weekends.

Artic drivers, please call one of our mobile staff prior to coming up the slip road so as we can ensure there is room to spin your vehicle.

To find us, come off the A4174 Bristol Ring Road at the Kingswood/Speedwell roundabout, and drive past the Horseshoe pub on your left. Go right at the next roundabout along Station Road. Approx. 1/2 mile up Station Road, turn right at the mini roundabout by the SJ Cook and Sons garage onto Bridge Road. As you come down Bridge Road, you will see the entrance to our industrial estate along with the happy looking Toucan sign on the gates. Turn right into the estate and then turn immediately left, through another set of gates and up the slip road. You’ll know you’ve arrived when faced with 1000s of IBCs!

We are a friendly bunch, always happy to help.

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  • Our frequently asked questions...

    The following information is designed to assist you when thinking about buying an IBC. We hope that it helps, however, if the information you require is not immediately obvious, please feel free to contact us.

  • What is an IBC?

    IBC stands for Intermediate Bulk Container.

    They are designed for the safe transportation of various liquids around the globe and are therefore extremely strong but highly portable with a pallet base designed for stacking when full up to three units high.

    There is a screw cap lid on the top and a manually operated lever at the bottom that releases the stored liquid.

    Our IBC’s are available on wood, plastic and metal bases in clear, opaque white, black or anti-static armoured finishes.

  • What are they used for?

    They are commonly found in industry and are used to transport a wide range of liquid products, from soaps to food flavourings to chemicals.

  • Why would I want a IBC?

    Besides the obvious industrial use, Toucan supplies IBC’s for a wide range of end purposes. The common ones include water butts, fuel containers, water store for farm animals and horses, mobile valeters water store, waste store for caravan sites, ballast, temporary homes for fish or aquaponics, and even hot tubs!

  • Are they supplied clean and can I clean them myself?

    All of our the tanks are taken from industry and subsequently steam cleaned, vacuumed and treated. There will be the occasional scratch on the outside of the tank, but the insides are as new. There is no residue and the only odour will be that of the detergent used to clean them.

    We would advise all prospective buyers to exercise extreme care if buying cheaper tanks from sites such as eBay where the seller is selling dirty tanks that are supposedly ‘easy to clean’.

    Of course, some may well be easy to clean whilst others will contain harmful materials. Either way, unless you are in a position to collect and dispose of the waste washings and materials, you will be polluting the water course and damaging our environment.

    Sellers who ask the customer to clean the tanks are irresponsible, lazy and should not be allowed to trade. Furthermore, they are putting the buyer at significant risk of harm.

  • Can we use them for animal and human drinking water?

    IBCs supplied by Toucan Environmental are regularly used in the agricultural and equestrian world. The tanks are clean so animals can safely drink from them.

    The majority of our reconditioned tanks are not, suitable for human drinking water, as in general, the tanks have not contained food grade products.

    You will see in our shop however, that we do have reconditioned Opaque White tanks available that are food grade.

    We also supply brand new food grade bottles in reconditioned cages. This makes the most of a redundant cage, whilst keeping the price down on a brand new unit. These tanks are factory fresh, odourless and perfect for all types of food and drink storage.



  • How big are they?

    Toucan Environmental offers 2 different sizes. The larger one holds 1000 litres, and have a footprint of 1200mm x 1000mm x 1170mm high. The smaller tank holds 600 litres and has a footprint of 1200mm x 800mm x 1040mm high. These are maximum external measurements.

    The outlet tap is on the smaller 1000/800mm dimension.

  • How much do they weigh?

    Dependent on the base pallet (plastic, metal or wood), they weigh between 50kgs and 70kgs when empty. They are not heavy but their size means that you will need to ensure that you have suitable access to wherever the tank is to be sited. Just to give an idea of ease of movement three or four lads will easily be able to lift one over a garden fence!

  • Base Pallet?

    In industry, fork lift trucks are used to transport the IBC’s. The plastic bottle (inner tank) is therefore secured to a base pallet using a sturdy cage. We have stocks of all types of base. Options are wood, galvanised steel or HDPE plastic.



  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of black or clear tanks?

    Black tanks have the advantage over clear tanks of blocking out the suns ultra-violet rays. This helps to keep water crystal clear for significantly longer over clear tanks. Black tanks also hide the contents, so should you be storing red diesel for example, the casual thief wont be attracted to it! Black tanks only disadvantage is the fact that without looking into the top, you cant see how much liquid is contained.

  • Do they come with a tap?

    Yes – when used in industry, the stored liquids will be dispensed in one of two ways. Either via a submersible pump that is inserted via the top opening, or by opening the butterfly valve controlled tap at the very bottom of the tank.

    We offer two outlet sizes, 55mm and 90mm.

    We can supply spouts and Hozelock connectors for dispensing purposes.


  • Is it easy to dispense the stored liquid via the tap?

    Yes – although we would recommend purchasing either a spout (see picture) or Hozelock Connector (see picture). The spout is ideal if you need to fill a watering can, whilst the Hozelock connector allows you to fit a standard garden hose to your tank.

  • Do we need to raise the tank off the ground?

    The higher the tank, the more pressure will be generated, although a full tank on the floor provides enough pressure to use a garden hose in conjunction with the Hozelock connector. Obviously, if you are using a spout, you will need to raise the tank in order to get the watering can underneath.

  • Can we bury the tank?

    Yes – although you should build an external frame box for it, as the weight of the soil will cause the plastic sides and top to collapse.

  • Can we stack the tanks one on top of the other?

    Yes – they are designed to be stacked and can go 3 high when full, or 4 high when empty. You will need to ensure that the ground base is suitable if stacking 3 tanks, as the gross weight would be in excess of 3 tonnes once full.

  • Can we interlink tanks?

    Yes – using Hozelock Connectors it is possible to interlink as many tanks as you like. There are many ways to configure such a project, feel free to contact us for advice.

  • How much does delivery cost?

    We offer a nationwide delivery service, with all IBCs being delivered within 3 days of your order.

    We use a well established pallet network company for all our smaller deliveries.

    Our own fleet of lorries and vans takes care of our larger deliveries.

    Toucan Environmental is based in Bristol, in the South West of England.

    Naturally the nearer that you are to this location, the cheaper the transport costs. The prices are worked out on postcodes, with the website calculating delivery cost at time of order.

    We double stack our tanks, meaning the delivery cost is the same for one as it is for two. For orders of 11 or more tanks please contact us as we may be able to save you cost by using a dedicated vehicle.


  • Can I collect my order?

    Absolutely. We welcome collection. For information on how to find us please take a look at our Contact section.


Delivery options

We can deliver from one unit up to 52 units at a time across the entirety of the UK.

Prices are calculated during the order process and will increase the further you are from our base in Bristol.

For orders of 9 units or less, please use our website’s ordering system.

Bulk pricing kicks in at 10 units or above. Please call for further information.

Orders of 9 units or less will be dispatched day following date of order and delivered 2-3 working days later. We can arrange for your order to be delivered on specific days. If you require our driver to call you first or if you need the tank dropping to a non standard drop – such as an allotment for example – we can accommodate. Please supply as much information as possible along with your order.

Orders of 9 units or less will be delivered on a vehicle no larger than a 7.5t lorry with tail lift. If you have any access issues please make us aware.

Larger orders will take longer to make ready. Please contact us for details and pricing.


If your IBC is found to be faulty, we will collect and refund.