1000 Litre Reconditioned ‘A’ Grade Black IBC

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These high-quality black IBC’s supplied on galvanised steel bases are a rainwater harvesters dream!

By effectively blocking out the suns UV rays, stored water remains fresh for considerably longer than water stored in clear IBC’s. The promotion of green water and algae is therefore also inhibited.


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Dimensions of these tanks are
1000 x 1200mm x 1140mm high. The outlet tap is on the 1000mm dimension.

Apart from being perfect for gardeners, these tanks are also ideal for storing liquid that is either sensitive to sunlight, or indeed for the storage of liquids such as red diesel where it may be advisable for security reasons to keep the contents of the IBC hidden. Black IBC’s are also perfect for effluent/waste storage.

Please contact us directly for orders of more than 8 IBCs at once.

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Weight 101 kg



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