Black IBCs – the perfect mobile water store for when conditions turn dry

Following the recent 3 months of exceptionally dry weather and with adverts in the Farmers Weekly, we have seen a huge number of farmers making the most of our black IBC’s for water storage.

At a time of the year when young crops are susceptible to drought, or indeed in fields that do not have a water supply, our black IBC’s can be the difference between success and failure. A number of farmers were extremely grateful for the rapid turn around and supply of our tanks during the recent lambing season.

Black IBC’s are not only a answer to dry summers – they are also perfect for general rainwater harvesting, resulting in reduced water bills, as well as for use in freezing winters when normal water supplies may well have frozen.

So if you are a farmer, a small holder or indeed a keen gardener, this is the time to purchase your tanks with the knowledge that should we hit a drought year you will at least have a bulk quantity of water to keep going.

To find out more please do feel free to either call us on 07817 844802 and speak to Alex, or e-mail us through the website. Cheers and happy rainwater harvesting!

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