Keep your water running this winter with a slow drip water store!

With the freezing conditions nearly upon us, and with Toucan Environmental being based on a farm, we know all too well about the problems faced by famers with exposed pipes, who often struggle to get water to their livestock on freezing mornings.

Here at Toucan, we also struggle to clean IBC’s when the weather is freezing as our yard is in an old silage clamp, and the water supply is fed via exposed pipes.

Naturally we have had to find ways to keep our water flowing throughout the winter, and its damn lucky that as IBC suppliers we have the perfect answer!

To keep your water supply running, simply attach a hose to the tap, and allow a trickle of water to run into an IBC overnight. This way the supply remains constant. The water stored in the IBC can then also be used to water the animals at a later date.

Be aware however that although the bulk of the water in the IBC will not freeze, the tap at the bottom where the amount of water is limited is prone to freezing. We lag our outlets, and also have a hairdryer handy for really cold mornings. Never try and force the tap open however as this will damage the tank.

Hope this info helps!

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